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 San Antonio's Award-Winning & Luxury Boudoir and Beauty Experience by Launa Kay

This is for you, babe


Darling, you are magic

why boudoir?

boudoir is for every woman

have a relationship with your sensuality, not your shame

self confidence & success requires investment

your sexy is inherently you. It is never lost. And YOU define it!

joyful self love is possible...

Numbers, types, shapes are irrelevant.
don't be defined by boundaries that constrain your wild!

and it's your time!

let's do this!

there is no force more powerful
than a woman determined to rise.


I'm Launa, your new BFF. Let's Get Sexy!

I'm a wild woman at heart, and there is nothing that I love more than a new adventure. Well, maybe my cow dawg Lefty, but that's it. Anyways, let me tell you how long it took me to say, "I am beautiful." It took years to be at peace with my self-image and find self love. I have since realized how much I adore what my body is capable of. Becoming a boudoir photographer, I bottled up my self-love journey, and I want to share it with everyone. I understand the pain of not feeling comfortable in your own skin. But let me tell you how awesome it feels once you find self-acceptance and freedom. A newly found freedom and peace brings such refreshment to our everyday life. I want every woman to feel that liberation from self-doubt. Let me be your guide to your new beginning.

Launa, I'm ready!

she would rather walk alone in darkness then follow anyone else's shadow

The Experience

complimentary Consultation

your session

ordering session

We'll start with a 30-minute consultation to talk about what you are hoping to get from the experience. We'll go over all of your questions and offer more detailed information about the process.

You will work with our professional hair and makeup artists to get styled and glam. When it comes to the photo session, I will guide you through every pose and expression. All you need to do is relax and enjoy yourself!

This is the most exciting day of the process! We will have the big reveal of your images and you will be able to select the ones you love most, as well as the albums and wall art you'd like to display them.

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This session was so much fun. I really felt so beautiful and luxurious. I got to embrace my skin and my beauty.
~~ Edna

let's talk

We will help you select your wardrobe and you will also have access to our studio closet!


Our professional artists and stylists will have you feeling more glam than Marilyn herself. They specialize in boudoir photography and know exactly how to please the camera.

professional hair & makeup

We have carefully designed our studio space to be luxurious and romantic with just enough edge to keep it real. And also, tons of privacy!

Luxury studio

We take great care to ensure complete privacy and confidentiality. Your boundaries and your images are safe with us.

Complete PRIvacy

The BEST day of all. The big reveal of your images and your opportunity to select the exact images and products you love.

Purchasing Session

Each image is professionally retouched to the level of your comfort. We have a carefully controlled workflow to ensure the  most accurate colors and beautiful print quality.

professional retouching

Every Session Includes

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It does not do well to dwell on dreams and forget to live.

I want my book!







Most of y’all know I am normally the one behind the camera, and for once I wanted to be the focus. I had an amazing experience a few weeks back with an amazing photographer in San Antonio. She definitely welcomes you in like you have been friends for years. I would recommend her to anyone looking to pamper themselves in a unconventional kind of way. 
~~ Tanya

let's talk

a special word for my rainbow family

Boudoir is NOT just for straight people. In fact, if it's for anyone, it's for those in my queer family. Y'all.... you know this. There are so many ways to be shamed for our sexuality and gender identifications -- whatever they are. Boudoir is a sacred space where YOU get to control the narrative about your body, your self image, your self love and your sexy. EVERYONE is celebrated in this studio but most of all, my loves that reside on the queer spectrum. I'm sorry in 2021 that this needs to be called out so specifically. But we still have a lot of work to do, friends. So give us call, talk with me specifically and let's work out how we can capture your images, your way.

You will be seen, celebrated and SAFE -- THAT I promise you.


Interested in a session? Great! Drop your name and information below, and I'll be in touch as quickly as possible!
Phone: 210-201-3459

Let's get it started!

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Thanks boo!

some women fear the fire. 
some women simply become it.

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Join our fledgling VIP Boudoir group and get in on the ground floor! It's full of fun, community, love and did I say fun? Plus we have plans for awesome give-aways, promotions, events and gallery shows. You'll be the first to hear of all the cool stuff going on.

We are group of strong, striving women that contain and make safe this special space. In it together, never alone.

by women for women

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